Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Truth About MBA in U.S

MBA is all about learning the set of skills required for the ever changing corporate world. Doing an MBA not only helps you gain knowledge, but plays a vital role in shaping your personality. It is not always your academic performance that matters, because an MBA graduate is expected to have the all-round traits required to sustain the challenging circumstances.What Is Expected from an MBA Graduate?

US MBA Program
  •  It is your interpersonal skills that matter the most, and your ability to deal with your clients is valued over your technical expertise. 
  •  Your ability to handle stressful situations is applauded.
  •   Smart work is preferred over hard work.
  •  Your decision making ability is highly considered.
  •   Your community involvement and business ethics, determine your capabilities as a future manager.
  •  Being a team player is all that the business schools look at. 
Why MBA from the United States?
As per the reports of the research undertaken by the experts of Collmission-
  •       More than fifty B- Schools of the United States are ranked amongst the top hundred MBA institutions of the world. So, you start your management education with a brand (The top B-schools in the world).
  •      The research and development facilities offered by the world’s largest economy are unparalleled.
  •     From the Growth Point of View- Majority of the world’s largest corporations is headquartered in the United States, including tech giants like- Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and retail giants like Walmart. Hence, students after passing from the top universities of the United States, stand a good chance of being a part of these world class companies. No doubt these companies have branches all over the world, but working in the head office has its own charm.
  •    Worried about the cost of education? Deserving students can get attractive scholarships, work-study programs etc.


How to Get into the Top MBA Colleges of the United States?

We have often wondered- Why is it difficult even for the American students to get into the top MBA colleges in U.S?

To understand this- We must acknowledge the fact that the classrooms of the Top B- Schools resemble the United Nations because they are diversified in terms of nationalities, educational backgrounds, culture etc.  

The top colleges believe in getting the right mix of candidates, and when that happens the competition gets heated up, as students from all round the globe with unique diversities, compete for the ultimate goal.

Getting into the Top 50 universities of the United States is undoubtedly challenging, but not impossible. Most students develop a perception, or a wrong notion about the top league business schools, and feel that getting into Harvard, Stanford etc. is rocket science. 

MBA Application process

We at Collmission, believe that even average students stand a great chance of fulfilling their dreams- if and only, they persevere and build a strong profile. 

I don’t have a great GMAT score- Do I stand a chance? 

Your chances of selection don’t only depend on your academic performance, rather your profile is evaluated by examining your overall attributes.
You will be evaluated based on the following-
  • Your GMAT Score
  • Your GPA (You Can Make up for a Weak GPA)
  • Your Essays
  • Optional Essays (Can Be Helpful in Explaining Career Gaps, Poor GPA Etc.)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Performance in the Business School Interview
  • Your Community Profile
Be It a Layman or a Scholar, Collmission Serves All Who Aspire to Attend Any Top University in the United States.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

B-School admission process step by step

Here you can get the detail idea about B-School admission process step by step. Check here for more information

MBA Admission

Monday, 13 June 2016

B-School Interview Overview

In B-school admission process, interview is one of the key aspect for selecting a student. So student should prepare well before the interview process. Many of the candidates get rejected in this all important process. So it’s a very important part of the admission process. Foo more interview tips and tricks visit: