Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ph.D in India Vs Ph.D in US – An Over Look

If you are one of the thousand Indian students, who aspires to do his Ph.D. from the U.S, then this question might have surely passed your mind, at least once- “Instead of trying for Ph.D. in U.S, Should I go for my Ph.D. in India?”

phd in us

And, after a lot of research and digging out the experience of some alumni from India and U.S., you go through shocking revelation. You get to know that the U.S. Ph.D. does not have a magnet to attract aspirants from India, rather the Indian Ph.D. is full of repulsion, which forces the enthusiastic aspirants to opt for Ph.D. in the U.S. 

Here is why the U.S Ph.D. wins more applaud than the Indian Ph.D. on any given day:

  • Funding and Assistance: Funding for the research works and the resources provided to the institutions facilitates a better environment to carry on the research works.
  •  Latest Technology for Research: The government invests a huge chunk in providing the institutions with the latest modern technologies to carry on the research. For the same reason, the research works in the U.S. Ph.D. colleges is ahead in terms of time than the Indian Ph.D. students. 
  • More Practical Research Works: Indian Ph.D. students mostly spend their time going through theories and solving huge mathematical problems. But, the institutions in the U.S focus more on practical research works. The students are motivated to not only perform well in their Ph.D., but also about contribution to the society.
  • Job security: With so less funding and lesser scope of job after the Ph.D., we understand the insecurity that the Indian Ph.D. students face. But, it is the total opposite in the U.S. The students carry on their research and look for innovative research experiments without having to worry much about their career, ahead of the curve. The students can always go for industrial jobs, as those are present in abundance over there.
  • The Real Meaning of Ph.D.: Ph.D. is all about research and experimentation. The passionate students, who aspire to research and gain expertise in their field of interest, would never want to compromise with their opportunities. The research environment in the U.S. is most suitable to give wings to the dreams of real Ph.D. enthusiasts.

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